·     7 years of UX Research experiences

·      Strong focus on uncovering users’ motivation and underlying needs

·      Domain expertise in enterprise software and e-commerce

·      3 CHI and 2 CSCW papers published

·      Live in sf bay area


Recent Activities:


Join Google

Feb, 2019 at SF bay area, CA


Presentation for AMINO CAPITAL

Mar, 2017 at Palo Alto, CA

I presented my understanding of why UX matters for the future of Smart Vehicle, how UX adapts to AI, self-driving, and connected vehicle, and what’s the trend of UX in automotive industry.

ACM CHI2017 Full Paper Accepted!

May, 2017 at Denver, CO

My first author full paper submission to CHI2017 conference has been accepted. I look forward to presenting my work at Denver in May, 2017.  

Join TOTVS | Lab,  TOTVS is the largest Enterprise software company in South America

Sep, 2016 at Mountain View, CA, USA

Join Fossil Group

Mar, 2016 at Dallas, TX, US

First place in the HFES student design competition

Mar, 2016

A mobile health application, which was awarded the first place at the HFES Mobile Health Application for Consumers Design competition.

First place at IUPUI JagStart Student Idea Pitch Competition!

Mar, 2016 at IUPUI, Indianapolis


The top conference for Human-Computer Interaction

ACM CHI2016 Full Paper Accepted!

May, 2016 at San Jose, CA

My first author full paper submission to CHI2016 conference has been accepted. I am looking forward to present my work in May, 2016.  

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.09.44 PM.png

Ubicomp 2015 Workshop Paper Accepted!

Sep, 2015 at Osaka, Japan

event-chi2014-logo-rx145 2.jpg

ACM CHI2014 Extended Abstract Accepted!

April, 2014 at Toronto, Canada

HCI International 2014 Full Paper Accepted

June, 2014 at Crete, Greece

CSCW2014 Full Paper Accepted!

March,2014 at Vancouver, Canada

images 2.jpeg

Human-Centered Software Engineering 2012 Full Paper Accepted!

Oct, 2012 at Toulouse, France